Taproom Wedding – Alyssa & Nick

This taproom wedding transmitted an undercurrent of spontaneity and excitement. It was a joy to watch the essence of this ceremony reveal itself as we met and planned for a late-autumn wedding.

At the first planning meeting, Alyssa and Nick established that the wedding would be an intimate ceremony – one with fewer than 50 guests. Together, we played with some of the phrases, terms, and symbols to discover which felt comfortable and reflective of their relationship.

At the second meeting, it came to light that this fun-loving couple wanted the spark of spontaneity in their ceremony. They didn’t want the ceremony to seem scripted, constricted, or formal. And they wanted the wedding to be in a setting that reflected one of the ways they enjoy each others’ company. Alyssa and Nick chose the brewery and taproom, Barrel Theory for their evening wedding. Choosing a taproom as a venue offered yet more phrases and symbols to the crafting of the ceremony.

During the ceremony, I stood to the side or with my back to the guests, ensuring the bride and groom were the focus. We had no lectern or podium. Family members read heartfelt expressions from typed, single-spaced papers, sanctioning the union of two people so clearly in love. Intermingled with stories told and futures imagined were tears of joy and tears imbued with love. Sampler beer glasses were at hand with wedding rings resting at bottom, each awaiting its moment of symbolic placement. And, as planned, for the kiss I invited everyone to raise a glass as a toast to the newly married couple.

A wedding in a taproom? Yes! The entire evening was joyful, meaningful, beautiful, and overflowing with love. I was thrilled to be invited along on this couple’s journey to love + commitment.

Photo credit: Clewell Photography