wedding rehearsals

about wedding rehearsals

It can be valuable for couples to practice the movements required in the ceremony. For some, it’s comforting to know that the members of the wedding party know their cues for entrance, and how a ring gets from a pillow (or pocket, or dog collar, etc) to its place on a ring finger. Please know that not everyone has a formal rehearsal directed by their officiant. Not every venue allows rehearsal time, and it’s not always possible for everyone in the wedding party to attend a rehearsal. Whether or not there is a rehearsal, remember that Bev will offer guidance throughout the ceremony, even as an unanticipated situation arises.

With or without a rehearsal, you will be officially wed by the end of the ceremony, and your wedding day will still be your special day.

There is an extra fee for Bev to attend and direct a rehearsal. You can practice all the moving parts of the ceremony without your officiant present. Appoint a trusted friend or relative to direct your rehearsal. You will have been provided a copy of the wedding ceremony before the rehearsal date, including cues for where to stand and move, if you like. Your rehearsal director can call out the movements and guide the flow. Bev can answer any questions before the start of the ceremony.